I enjoy volunteering. A lot. Began volunteering while in 6th grade. I helped out with my church’s vacation bible school. Then after high school I volunteered at the zoo near my hometown. I enjoy volunteering…so much that I was willing to scoop llama poop! That’s hard work and not even fun.  Fun is not the point when contemplating volunteering. You volunteer even when it isn’t fun and even when you would like to spend your free time elsewhere.   I choose to volunteer because I see a need. A need that will not necessarily be filled unless someone volunteers. Someone like Me. Someone like You.


The Zen of Volunteering

The third time that I went to volunteer was amazing. The classroom teacher informed me that the EC teacher had already noticed an improvement in his reading. The EC teacher wondered what had happened…a parent volunteer is what happened said the classroom teacher. It is awesome to make a difference in a childs life!!

The question does almost beg itself…if I hadn’t decided to volunteer – who would have??

Do we care ??

It may seem little, it may seem small. But, to change the world- one child at a time- is what matters most of all.

The definition of volunteer is a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise. We all know this, right?!! Right.  Do we also realize that there are STILL children being passed from grade to grade without the comprehension needed to be in the next grade….if there are no volunteers to help the children, how do they ever catch up?? Also, when one volunteers to work with a child your actions show you care.  That fact alone could make a world of difference to a child. Children are our future. We should act accordingly.